Dissecting Gecko's Watercares!
Spa watercare by Gecko Alliance

watercare settings


All new Gecko spa control systems driven by our in.k1000, in.k800 or in.k500 keypads or from our in.touch 2 mobile remote app come with 5 pre-set watercare features that are essentials to the good use of your spa.


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the 5 pre-set watercare configurations


With his rock'n roll flair, John presents each of the 5 pre-set Water Care configurations that you can select, activate or modify to fit your needs. In each of the 5 pre-sets, economy modes and filtration cycles are programmed to make sure your spa water is perfect and heated at your favorite temperature when and only when you need it to be.


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how to modify the filtration cycles and economy modes


In this interview, Jean-Luc Trahan, from Gecko's R&D team, show us how to modify the filtration cycles and economy modes of Water Care pre-sets on the in.k1000 touchscreen keypad of a Gecko in.ye control system for spas and hot tubs.


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