What's Gecko's Smart Winter Mode?

control your spa through the internet with Gecko's in.touch 2 app


Gecko's in.touch 2 streamlined iOS and Android application makes it very easy to control and program all the functions and features of your spa from your smartphone or your tablet.



with his guitar, John points out cool in.touch 2 application features



in depth tour of the in.touch 2 application


Vincent Roy-Chevalier show us how we can use the in.touch 2 app to the fullest.


You can get and download the iOS (8.0 or higher) and Android (2.3 or higher) in.touch 2 apps from the AppStore and the Google Play store.



in.touch 2 connects, integrates and performs with spas equipped with Gecko’s Y and X series control systems manufactured in or after 2012.


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