What's Gecko's Smart Winter Mode?

connect your spa to the internet with Gecko's in.touch 2


If you want to connect your spa to the internet, it’s easy to get lost in a large clutter of setups and configurations. You need a solution with the simplest of setups possible. You need in.touch 2.



In his unique way, John presents remarkable features of the in.touch 2 home and spa transmitters. Will you sing along?



let us show you how to connect your spa to the internet


Vincent Roy-Chevalier explain how to install the in.touch 2 spa and home transmitters and how to get the strongest signal possible.



A few tips for dealers and technicians by Pierre-Alexandre on in.touch 2 mobile remote control for spa and hot tub .



in.touch 2 connects, integrates and performs with spas equipped with Gecko’s Y and X series control systems manufactured in or after 2012.


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