Hello, I’m John. 

“You may remember me from the in.touch ic video clips.
Well, I liked my experience with Gecko so much that I decided to join…. For the next few months, I will be the face of GeckoTV, Gecko's own TV channel that will be available right here on, on GeckoTV’s YouTube channel and on social networks.”


“We’ve been collecting questions and requests that spa users have sent us.”


“We’ll answer as many as we can in short video clips that we will post every month.”

GeckoTV - John

general topics


spa users’ general topics like Water Care or Smart Winter Mode

GeckoTV - a touch of rock & roll

promo clips

short social network ready promo clips on product features with a touch of rock & roll

GeckoTV-John interviews


spa users’ technical tips like system programming or spa maintenance

Gecko's pro are giving you some tips!

pro tips

technical support answers for spa professionals


a touch of rock & roll


“I dream of rock & roll fame but I know I need to practice my guitar and that the road to stardom is a long one.”


To learn more about Gecko products and to watch me improve my guitar skills,


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